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All Stars

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Competition Rules


Competition Rules

1.  Hair must be done to coach's specification
2. Make-up must be brought and worn at coach's discretion
3. Attendance at all Brandon All-Star functions is mandatory
4. All cheerleaders will travel together, and stay together at out-of-town events
5. All teams will stay together while at Brandon All-Star events
6. All team members will stay at events until released by their coach
7. All cheerleaders will dress in specified Brandon All-Star attire at all events
8. All Brandon All-Star cheerleaders and parents will display proper behavior at all times (i.e. Practices, competitions, on the internet, and all times during out of town stays)
9. Zero tolerance will be implemented for fighting and the use of alcohol and drugs at all Brandon All-Star functions
10. Tobacco use and profane language will be punishable at the coach's discretion


Any rule listed or not listed above can be changed or implemented at the coach's discretion.