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icon Tiny & Mini Tumble 9-10am
icon Parent Tot 10-11am
icon Mighty Minis 4-5pm
icon Tumble 200 4:45-5:45pm
icon Tumble 300 5-6pm
icon Flight School 12 & up 5-6pm
icon Intro to Tumble 6-7pm
icon Tumble 200 7-8pm
icon Mighty Minis 4-5pm

Welcome to Brandon All Stars

Celebrating 20 years of hardwork and perseverance 

We believe that hard work always pays off and everyone has the ability to become an elite athlete. Our mission at Brandon All-Stars is to teach respect for one another and promote physical fitness and the art of cheerleading. We feel that cheer is more than just a sport. It creates long-lasting friendships and teaches kids valuable lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship. Being a part of Brandon All-Stars is more than being part of a team; it is a family. 

"If you hit your routine you might win, if you don't hit your routine you won't win"
-Peter Lezin, Co- Owner of Brandon All-Stars

Class Schedule during BA Summer Break

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New Tumble Clinics for July 2014!!!

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